- What is VIAINVEST about?

VIAINVEST a peer-to-peer lending marketplace offering both private individuals and companies to invest in consumer loans originated across Europe. VIAINVEST follows worldwide trend and offers investors safe and more effective investment opportunities than traditional banks do. The main aim of VIAINVEST is to ensure investor support as well as provide easy and accessible investment environment that does not require useless actions or extra time for understanding ongoing processes.

- What are the three main advantages for investors? 

VIAINVEST is truly customer-oriented company, and we strive to provide the most satisfying investing experience possible. Great deal of investors’ concerns are related to investment safety, so all loans listed on VIAINVEST are secured with a Buyback Guarantee. Also, to guarantee that one investor will never be 100% committed to particular loan, originators keep 5% “skin in the game” for each loan.

To develop the platform that would be convenient and easy to use, we encourage investors to leave their feedback; each of recommendations is reviewed and most of them are included in our future updates list.

- What ROI can investors expect? 

Currently investors can choose to invest in loans originated in the Czech Republic with 12% annual ROI and Spain – up to 12,2% annual ROI depending on the loan.

- Is the technical platform self-developed?

Yes, we have built VIAINVEST from scratch. As we prefer to have full control over all processes, we have great team of IT professionals employed in house to ensure continuous support at any time.

- How reliable is the credit rating / credit history data available?

Credit scoring and risk evaluation tools used on VIAINVEST are developed by VIA SMS Group and are complex IT systems based on individual evaluation of each customer request. These systems also include non-bank loan origination criteria officially implemented by the government of the Republic of Latvia.

- How is the company financed?

As a daughter company of VIA SMS Group, VIAINVEST is financed from company’s budget and is not dependant on the funds deposited on the platform by investors. As VIA SMS Group has issued its bonds on Nasdaq Riga stock exchange, all financial reporting documents are available on Nasdaq web page, so investors are able to monitor financial performance of the company.

- Is VIAINVEST open to international investors?

VIAINVEST is open to any investors holding a bank account within the European Union or other country to which the requirements arising from European Union legislation on the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing apply. Currently there is no legislation in Latvia regulating operations of peer-to-peer lending platforms, but it may be developed in 2017, so VIAINVEST is already implementing existing regulations.

- Is VIAINVEST regulated?

VIAINVEST is registered in Latvia, so it is operating under the legislation of Latvia. Currently there is no specific legislation regulating operation of peer-to-peer lending platforms, though VIAINVEST is strictly supervised by the State Revenue Agency as well as the Consumer Rights Protection Centre. As we expect that legislation developed specifically to regulate peer-to-peer lending platforms may be issued by the end of 2017, VIAINVEST has already implemented, for example, taxation process within the platform. Investors has to choose if they want VIAINVEST to apply Withholding tax to their income either to pay taxes by themselves.

- Where do you see VIAINVEST in 5 years?

Fintech is changing traditional finance world in such pace, that it is hard to predict what will happen even in a year. VIAINVEST will definitely continue to expand its loan originator list and implement new features to make online investing mush easier and accessible to everyone. We have great plans, first news will be out soon, stay tuned!