Bondora is a leading platform for investing in European personal loans. Since 2009 they have processed over 1042.9 million euro of loan applications from prime and near-prime borrowers. More than 13,805 investors from 40 countries have funded 54.6 million euro in loans and received over 11.0 million euro in interest payments. Bondora has attracted many types of investors, from individuals investing a few thousand euro to sophisticated investors investing hundreds of thousands of euro.

Their loans are funded directly by investors. This allows them to cut down on processing costs and avoid the complexity of traditional banking, while their investors can keep the interest income. For their carefully assessed borrowers it means receiving loans at terms more attractive than offered by traditional banks, credit cards or short-term credit providers.

Bondora does not have hidden fees or charges. Borrowers are charged a small and transparent fee when their application is funded, followed by a fixed monthly account fee, which is added on top of the interest paid to investors. There are no fees for investing into new loans, although there is a small fee for trading already issued loans with other investors on the platform.

Bondora AS is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with the registration number 665420