EstateGuru is P2P lending platform for short and midterm property loans currently located in Estonia. EstateGuru is a P2P platform designed to facilitate loans process to real estate developers & companies. They connect developers, businesses and private individuals with lenders, enabling them to raise the necessary capital to finance their projects or to borrow against existing properties. At the same time, investors can earn 10-12% annual returns by investing in property-backed loans. Recently Banks tightened their lending criteria, and it remains difficult even for creditworthy companies with good projects and assets to source the capital they need. Problem is worser for commercial property loans and particularly for bridge loans. From Investors point of view, when banks are paying less than 1% on deposits, investing in real estate gives ideal mix of benefits: inflation security, collateral, simplicity, a good base for long-term savings. When direct investments in property require large amounts of capital, substantial time, knowledge – EstateGuru provide simple and accessible avenue for investors to earn 10-12 % returns on property backed loans