For EstateGuru, January started leisurely with strategizing for the upcoming year and preparing new and interesting projects for our investors in both Estonia and abroad! During January, EstateGuru’s investors fully invested €986,300 worth of loans, however the notary transactions of 2 loans were pushed to February, therefore 4 loans worth €269,000 were funded. EstateGuru investors have earned more than€731,000 of interest revenue and the annual historic average of the platform (since 2014) is 13.22%. See more statistics here.

Auto Invest launch

In January, EstateGuru launched the new and convenient Auto Invest feature! Already216 investors have implemented the new automated tool to their investing practices and the amount is growing daily! EstateGuru’s last two loans, Lauka development loan and Ravi street development loan, were respectively 27% and 29% funded through the Auto Invest.

What will you gain from using the Auto Invest tool? 

  • Make sure you do not miss out on another great investment opportunity due to high demand from the investors’ side. EstateGuru’s investments get fully invested fast, but Auto Invest will help make sure you get on board!
  • Re-invest your funds at the earliest opportunity suitable for you, to ensure you earn the maximum return from your committed funds.
  • Build a diversified portfolio that is divided between investments according to criterias that are chosen by you! All the investments in your EstateGuru portfolio are hand-selected by a professional team who stands for the success of your investments!