The peer-to-peer lending is booming in the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia, and other regions. Viventor is here to open the doors to this game-changing approach of financing for Europeans. And here’s what they stand for:

  • Safety of investors’ funds is their top prioroty. To ensure this, all loans offered come with Buyback Guarantee that ensures fund repayment in case of borrowers defaulting. They are also proud to have record-low LTV levels for mortgage-backed loans offered on Viventor. Having the average LTV below 30% makes Viventor the market leader.
  • Their investors are not alone. Viventor keeps a stake in all the loans issued and goes to extreme lengths to avoid borrower default. Should it still happen, they are in the same boat with their investors, just as willing to resolve the situation by enforcing debt collection, or buying back non-performing investments.
  • Viventor does not advocate for fairytales, only fair returns for corresponding levels of risk, that still outperform bonds, bank deposits, and even equity markets in some occasions.