HINT: accepts only investors from UK

LendingCrowd was launched in 2014 to offer businesses keener loan rates and investors better returns. They do this by providing an easy-to-use online service that brings interested parties together – hence the LendingCrowd.

LendingCrowd believes people looking to invest their money seek more control, convenience and faster, easier access to competitive products to achieve better financial returns.

To support a vibrant and growing community of small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK they aim to provide simple, lower cost lending (with greater flexibility, straightforward security arrangements, minimum ongoing administration and no exit fees.)

Their  innovative online platform combined with their highly experienced credit underwriting team are at the heart of what they do. They aim to deliver an outstanding customer experience and offer clear, transparent business terms and processes. Do tell them if they ever fall below this expectation!

Their service is underpinned by advanced credit risk decisioning systems managed by their credit team to ensure they accurately evaluate risk. This ensures defaults and losses are minimised as part of a balanced risk approach informed by common sense.

They intend to become one of the UK’s leading crowdlending businesses and are keen to support you in the years ahead. Lendingcrowd will be bringing new lending products to market such as the Innovative Finance ISA to a wider range of investment opportunities to the LendingCrowd.

Key Milestones

The LendingCrowd platform was launched on 1st October 2014. Since then they’ve made great progress:

  • Over 80 loans lent to companies and sole traders throughout the UK
  • Over £6.5m loaned through the platform by September 2016
  • Over 2300 investors signed up