Investment decision experiment has ended. Both participants confirmed the hypothesis that trading in the FOREX market cannot be only a leisure activity. It is a difficult work that requires a certain preparation. Participant X finished his participation in the experiment three weeks ago, while the participant Y was able to keep at least a small part of the initial investment till the end of the experiment. At the end of the eighth week participant Y had € 46.13 in his trading account. This week participant achieved 221.46% growth on his investment. Obviously, such a growth is relative due to the fact that participant Y failed to maintain his primary investment.

We are gratified to see that the participant Y has finally begun to use the “stop loss” tool (in 16 out of the 17 trades). Despite the fact that sometimes he risked too much, only five of the seventeen trades were unsuccessful. At the end of the week 8 participant’s Y profit reached € 31.78. However, trading not always has been followed by the use of the chosen indicators.

Investment decision results over the eight – week period:


Any experience, even with a negative undertone is helpful. Both experiment participants got acquainted with the trading in the currency markets, and it does not matter that the participant X and Y has lost 99.34% and 76.94% of their initial investments. Investment decision experiment confirmed that trading cannot be only a hobby. Experience, knowledge, emotional stability are essential if you want get returns on your investment. Only when participants began to risk too much, the whole experiment became very similar to betting. Several times, participants sought to profit from the sudden changes in the market trends. However, their trading strategies failed, and that caused huge losses. Both participants admitted that they would use different trading strategies if there would be an opportunity to participate in the experiment again. However, this does not guarantee that results would be different.