TotalTrade Weekly Report: Apr 11-15, 2016
An overview of TotalTrade’s performance. Closing a very successful week, TotalTrade reached +0.75% gains on Thursday with Friday remaining without executed trades. The gains followed the 1st successful week of April which saw +0.61% increase. Gains in April are now at +1.43% while gains since 2016 started are at +12.36% from 74 trades following gains between +3% and +4% during the past 3 months. The investment program had 6 trades executed during the past week, all of which were on the EUR/USD currency pair with a success rate of 100% while its success rate in April stands at 92% and in the current year to date at 91%. No trade lasted more than 1 minute, with the shortest trade lasting only 49 seconds as brief fast trades work as a layer of protection against fundamental factors in the market. The program that rose by +53.46% during 2015 has an impressive Profit Factor of 5.57. Profit Factor reflects how many times the sum of all the winning trades exceeds sum of all the losing trades. The program’s historical gain since its inception in October 2012 has reached +412.09% with the biggest loss at no more than -2.80% and an average monthly gain of +3.92%

RHO Weekly Report: Apr 11-15, 2016
An overview of RHO’s performance. RHO’s performance during the past week was moderate as the investment program had two trades each lasting under 1 minute and yielding +0.37% gain following +0.43% gain in the 1st week of the month to reach +0.8% so far. Both trades, which are made short on purpose to keep fundamental factors from hurting gains, were on the EUR/USD currency pair. The program rose by +1.73% in March and +2.35% in February as it heads for 6 months of gains at more than +15%. RHO often provides investors with extraordinary earnings on their investments but with a moderate risk level which sees the annual return rate for investments on it at +40% while the biggest drop ever since it was introduced is merely -2.2% throughout 38 months of positive earnings with an average of +3.3% net return per month against a single losing month. The investment program has achieved +332.95% gain since its inception in May 2012. The program rose by +38.71% during 2015 and by +8% during the 1st quarter of 2016. Investments in RHO are exposed to the market for less than 20 hours each year. In other words for 99.71% of the year, investments in RHO are safely held liquid.

ISA Weekly Report: Apr 11-15, 2016
An overview of ISA’s performance. ISA remained without activity during the past week to keep its initial gains of April at the same level at +0.05%. The program that functions best as a safe haven that has an amazing record of 100% success rate over 35 months since its inception and a loss-free monthly record with no trade marking any drop bigger than -0.73%, rose by +0.62% in March and is on its way to achieve +3% gain within the 1st half of 2016 as it currently stands at +2.29% since the year began. The program often makes on average 4.40 pips per trade and maintains a winning rate of 81% of all executed trades with success rate in 2016 being at 86%. While the biggest loss the program ever recorded was merely -0.73% during almost 4 years of trading since July 2012. The Profit Factor if the program, which shows how many times the sum of all the winning trades exceeds the sum of all the losing trades, is at 4.69, increasing from 4.67 in March which reflects improved profitability from the program. The Expectancy Index, which calculates how much is expected to be won in every trade, is at 2.9