Net Profit
Since 2012-05-15
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Average Monthly Return
Capital protection
Minimal investment
2000 USD

PerfectoFX has been following the performance of the German managers behind the Supreme account since January, 2011. This account has guaranteed the most balanced returns in the portfolio since its inception. The management group is formed by 22 traders and 9 programmers, compliance with the quality regulations set out in the PQCS is ensured by 4 additional traders.

Behind this balanced performance stands a precisely followed day trade strategy, mostly the European currencies are traded. To further limit the risk managers place orders in USD pairs as well in a 3 to 1 ratio. The account managers observe the market in four time frames and search for expectable trend turns and breakouts based on predetermined formulas. Then they open micro length trades (0.5 to 12 minutes) which enable them to quickly realize profit, avoiding a volatility level over 3%.

The Supreme account has had the most balanced performance in the portfolio of Perfecto FX; the managers follow a micro day trading strategy to achieve these returns. Trades are primarily carried out in European currencies, but in order to further reduce risk they are placing orders in USD pairs as well.