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Since 2012-02-23
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5Gulden managed international account service is working fully automatically and brings profit to the investors so that the clients do not need to have any knowledge about the world of the stock exchange.
5Gulden uses the High Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithm that is based on the most advanced artificial intelligence. The HFT systems are able to perform complete transactions in thousand seconds by analyzing the market through the continuous checking of several millions of archive data. According to the report of Morgan Stanley published in April 84 per cent of transactions made on the stock market of the United States last year were initiated by such algorithms, since they are able to react on any factors by orders faster than a human being. What’s more, by analyzing the data in their possession they are able to make more rational decisions, thus such an algorithm almost never closes the day with a loss.
5Gulden have found that in the present fast changing world it is very important for people to have an easy and fast access to their invested money, therefore 5Gulden’s trading strategy is planned to meet these expectations to the maximum so that 5Gulden could have an access to the actual value of the total deposited money any time during the term. In order to increase security 5Gulden have added manual supervision to their product what in practice means that when the system is trading, an expert is supervising its operation. It was important for 5Gulden to work only on success-rate basis without hidden costs, generating by this a Win - Win situation where 5Gulden are financially interested in their customer’s realization of extra return.