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PerfectoFX has started monitoring the results of the Russian managers of the Optimum program in July, 2010 - this is the oldest account in our portfolio. The management team includes 35 traders and 17 programmers; continuous supervision over the operations on behalf of the PQCS is maintained by 4 additional traders.

The team utilizes artificial intelligence for its short-term trading strategy, which has been successfully tested several times within extreme market conditions. The trading system is primarily active during the European opening. Chart patterns of 15 different currency pairs and instruments are scanned for breakouts in smaller time frames. Account managers of the Optimum account guarantee the greatest coverage over the currency market of the portfolio, while trading correlating currency pairs is avoided – maximum 20% of their trading positions is executed in pairs other than the EURUSD.

Their short-term strategy is focused on the most liquid market period, thus the managers are able to realize a remarkable profit from the smaller movements as well. Their trading systems are under constant development. With the constant changes of the market strategies get outdated fast – this is why adaption to the current circumstances is essential. The software solutions enable swift and accurate trading; their use also supports the limitation of temporary drawdowns well. A more than four years of successful trading history shall adequately demonstrate the success of the strategy.