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PerfectoFX has been working together with the US managers of the Emerald account since April, 2011. Within a short period of time the Emerald account has become the most popular among their investors; its success lies in the steady and high returns that the managers have gained for PerfectoFX investors during the past few years. The account management team consists of 28 traders and 12 programmers, and an additional 4 traders ensure constant compliance with the quality standards on behalf of the PQCS.

The account managers utilize an evolutionary algorithm in 8 major pairs; this enables them to take advantage of non-correlating market movements. They trade the USD pairs the most. They also take the value of different indices into account, for example the value of the S&P500, the Nasdaq and the VIX.

A great benefit of the strategy they apply is that it also works on low volatility markets. They place several orders even in the opposite direction within a trading range; and the returns show remarkably low drawdowns.

The advantages of the evolutionary algorithmic trading in the Emerald account are utilized in 8 major currency pairs, primarily in the USD pairs. The strategy can be applied successfully in most foreign exchange market conditions; the traders also take the performance of several US indices into consideration.