FinBee report shows that it is probably the only European platform that signs contracts with borrowers by meeting them
personally. This old-school action slows down our lending process but significantly increases payments
ethics. By signing a paper contract we also eliminate fraud which is common for online lenders.
Finbee has finally collected enough historical data and now we are able to say how much money will be
recovered from insolvent clients during debt collection process.

Till today Finbee has recovered and paid out to their investors 56.15% of invested money in loans that
defaulted in 2016 and 40.21% of invested money into loans that defaulted in 2017.

Consumer loans

Debt collection process is not over, so recovered amount will grow in the future.

98.15% of loans are not late more than 90 days. There is just 1.85% of all business loans that are in
default - overdue for more than 90 days.

Business loans

The Finbee report figures are based on data collected since launch of FinBee Business lending (March 2017).
They are constantly improving their credit risk assessment processes. There are no loans overdue more
than 90 days among those issued in the past 9 months.
At FinBee investors can earn one of the highest net return compared to other P2P lending platforms in
Europe. Finbee average interest rate is at 19% for personal loans and 15% for business loans.