P2P lending Estonia. You can invest through a website, but lenders work in different ways. Some allow you to choose who to lend to, while others spread your investment out on your behalf.

Borrowers are credit-checked by a credit reference agency, and also have to pass a peer-to-peer site’s own credit-worthiness tests in order to qualify for a loan. Some lenders allow you to choose the credit-worthiness of a borrower - choosing a riskier person often results in higher rates.

TOP 3 P2P fastest growing P2P investment platforms in Estonia

1. Crowdestor, a business crowdfunding platform

Crowdestor. It gives everyone the opportunity to invest directly in real estate and business projects without middlemen and hidden conditions or costs. With Crowdestor you can start investing from 50 euro with an annual interest rate from 12%.

There are two types of crowdfunding models Crowdestor offers:

1) Classic crowdfunding – way of raising capital for business from multiple investors by giving pledges or collaterals on it.
2) Equity crowdfunding – way of raising capital for business from multiple investors by selling parts of equity off.
Crowdestor works under the jurisdiction of Estonian law. The central office and working team are based in the heart of the Baltic States – Riga, Latvia.

2. TFGCrowd, a P2P platform focused on business financing

TFG CROWD is Estonian-based crowdfunding platform focused on business finansing. Crowdfunding is pretty simple. Visit a crowdfunding platform, find something you want to invest in, send your money, and wait for results. The difference boils down to what crowdfunding sites you visit. The most common crowdfunding platforms allow you to invest in a project or product in return for special rewards, usually in kind.

There are, however, royalty financing platforms like TFGCROWD that promise substantial financial gains in return for investments in money and trust. In general, royalty financing platforms function as loan originators, building quid pro quo connections between investors and businesses. Think of it in terms of traditional initial public offerings (IPOs), where investors enjoy profits from the company shares that they buy. Except it’s not traditional at all: you don’t have to deal with banking intermediaries, and you’re not beholden to the caprices of a few investors.

TFG Crowd team of experienced professionals have established themselves as trusted partners in various business fields throughout our group companies across Europe. TFG CROWD is the newest addition to their group, which already includes:
– TFG PAY – an FCA registered financial services provider, which provides alternative banking solutions to businesses across the European Economic Area.
– TFG LOGISTICS – managing logistics across the globe;
– TFG REAL ESTATE – real estate development and management.

3. Ekassa, a shorterm P2P investments platform

Ekassa is an online investment platform, and part of an international finance group which has been operating since 2012. Ekassa focus on investing in P2P consumer loans – one of the fastest-growing areas of finance in Europe. Their new online technologies allow them to offer their clients higher returns compared to other investment classes such as saving accounts.

Ekassa identified Poland as the most attractive for consumer loans. These are issued by their trusted partners and are available for investment at Ekassa platform. Their main objective is to help their clients make high and guaranteed profits from investments in P2P consumer loans.

They’ve invested a lot of time looking at what’s out there in the market and developing the technology for their products and platform, so now can offer you the most up-to-date online investment service with the most attractive conditions on a secure and reliable technical platform.

Ekassa offer is a combination of:

– Market-leading potential returns up to 14%
– Diversified investments from many different loan providers and profiles
– Guaranteed returns via Buyback option