P2P Lending Portugal. Reward based crowdfunding was introduced in Portugal in 2011 by two platforms: Massivemov and PPL. Massivemov has stopped its operations, as other platforms that also tried reward-based crowdfunding since then, which shows the difficulty of having a profitable operation. PPL is the only reward-based crowdfunding that is still active in Portugal, having raised around €1,5 million for almost 500 successful projects. There is room for further growth, once the general public is comfortable with the concept of crowdfunding and online payments.

P2P Lending Portugal: TOP 3 P2P Platforms

-Ppl.pt(reward) is the only platform providing reward crowdfunding since 2011. 134.045 backers helped to raised more 4.1M eur.

-Raize.pt started its activities as a P2P business lending platform in 2014. Raize is a marketplace that can help to finance your company in the medium / long term. In 2019, they seek to help raise more 50 million euros in the future of Portuguese SMEs.

NovoBancoCrowdfunding.pt (donation) was launched in 2012 by Novo Banco Bank.The NEW BANK Crowdfunding works in a simple and transparent way, using the “all or nothing” mechanics.

P2P Lending Portugal review is written by Tomas Medeckis