How would you describe Monethera platform?

It is easy to use, highly profitable crowdfunding platform with thorough selected investment targets. We at Monethera are doing our best to reduce risks for investors and provide high quality service.
2) What are the three main advantages for investors?
1.High interest rates
2.Different areas of focus with possibility to diversify investor‘s portfolio
3.Easy to use platform and experienced team of professionals.

Monethera offers 0.5% Cashback on investments for the next 180 days for Welltrado community with a code: welltrado

What ROI can investors expect?

As for now average expected ROI for 2019 is 18.6% in case of maximal diversification between all projects. Some projects might have interest rate up to 22% annualy. Everything depends on risk levels and project‘s sectors.

Is the technical platform self-developed or using white label solution?

It is 100% self-developed custom solution. Our IT partners are updating and improving Monethera from their side on a weekly basis.

How reliable is the credit rating/credit history data available?

Before we are making final decision to approve any project and present it to our investors it should pass all necessary checks:

1. Our Investment Advisor, Kristina is looking for projects and reviewing all options, that we receive.
2. An independent Audit agency are making thorough Due Dilligence to check all possible information about the company. Sometimes it may take up to 2 months. Company’s directors also have to pass credit check, as we are including personal guarantees in a contract with borrower.
3.Viktor, as a financial analyst with many years of experience, is making final decision, depending on Due Dilligence rating, business liquidity etc.

So my answer is - it is maximum reliable.

How is the company financed?

Monethera is self-financed company by our private investment fund.

Are you open to international investors?

Of course, but there are some restrictions, such as U.S., China, EU Sanctioned and Blacklisted countries.

Is your platform regulated?

Monethera is operating under Estonian law. But it is not regulated by any other insitution or goverment.

Where do you see your platform in 5 years?

As we can see, Monethera has a very promissing start. We have a lot of plans for future. For example, we have a plan to split up Monethera by investment sectors. We are thinking that splitting up a Real Estate sector and all others will be the right decision, as we are currently discussing possible colaboration with our partners.
We will do our best to become the most popular and reliable Crowdfunding platform in next 5 years, that for sure.

How do you see the competition in the markets you operate?

Well, the competition is always good for business.
First of all if there are competitors - means that you are on a right way, isn’t it?
We could not say anything bad about our competitors, as there is a large market and there are more then hundred crowd-investing platform only in Europe.
Also it give an additional option for investors for portfolio diversification and motivate us to make Monethera better on a daily basis!