Crowdestate review shows that Crowdestate is a real estate crowdfunding marketplace that connects real estate developers with investors all over the world. Real estate is one of the key asset classes which is considered to be a secure investment providing regular cash flow and long-term capital growth. The platform already has 20 157 investors which have raised more than 38 million euros.

Crowdestate positions itself as a transparent, easy and trustworthy. Extensive background information, business plans, and financial models combined with low minimum investment make investing quick and easy. On top of that, the average yearly return offered by Crowdestate equals to 21,88% which is higher than 64% of P2P lending platforms.

Let’s explore the features of the platform and how everything works.


How does it work? Investment opportunities

To start making deals on the platform you need to perform a regular signing up procedure, create your investment account and transfer funds to that account. Once the funds are transferred, you can choose from various different real estate investing opportunities. You can also select corporate finance and mortgage loans that are offered on the Crowdestate platform. As a registered user, you are able to open one or several investment accounts.

Crowdestate’s investment opportunities are of different length, risk profile and return expectations. All relevant information is easily accessible, therefore investors are able to make a proficient investment decision based on personal preferences and risk tolerance. The minimum amount of a single investment is 100 euros and investments can be made with 100 euro intervals. Once invested, the loan agreement cannot be terminated, but the investment can be sold on a secondary market which is useful for anyone looking to liquidate their assets quickly.

How secure is your investment?

Crowdestate claims to have a close relationship with different local real estate developers and brokerage companies. All the investments listed on the platform are pre-vetted. Investments are carefully evaluated and selected before becoming available to the investors on the platform. Only about 5% of the best investment opportunities survive in the strict due diligence process and become open for investing.

Before investing, there is a risk statement document provided which includes a comprehensive overview of the investment, real estate, and operational risks.

Autoinvest option

The Autoinvest option is quite popular among P2P lending platforms and Crowdestate is not an exception. This tool takes care of investing for you by using available funds on your investment account. There are specific parameters that need to be entered and according to which investments are made:

  • Investment amount (you set a range that is suitable for you and Autoinvest will make an investment within the range)
  • Expected interest rate
  • Suitable investment term
  • Type of investment
  • Country

This feature is especially efficient in terms of time-saving and makes the process of investing quick and easy.

Are there any drawbacks?

Although the platform is already operating for more than 4 years it does not offer a buyback guarantee for the investors while most P2P lending platforms do (even the ones that are recently launched). If the borrower delays the payment for a longer period of time (other platforms usually give 60 days), Crowdestate is not obliged to buyback the investor’s share in the loan. This clearly reduces the security of investments.

Why Crowdestate?

The Crowdestate platform is simple and convenient to use. All the reports are easily accessible on the account and it is easy to track the performance of the investments. Crowdestate cares for its users, therefore, has only pre-vetted investments. Investors are provided with a wide range of different investment opportunities and an Autoinvest tool. All these features have contributed to the successful operation of the platform for 4 years already and 0% defaulted loans.

Some details about Crowdestate:

  • Country of origin: Estonia
  • Launched: January 2014
  • Region: money transfers are accepted from all over the world (except the USA)
  • Currency: The platform makes settlements in euros (EUR)
  • Minimal investment: 100 EUR
  • Defaulted loans: 0%
  • Average invested amount: 5 927 EUR (larger than 82% of platforms)
  • Registered investors: 20 157
  • Marketplace, where investors can buy and/or sell investments
  • You can have multiple investment accounts - you can invest under company’s name + for your children + have different accounts for personal use
  • No fees!
  • Visit to discover different P2P lending platforms and choose the one for Your funds’ investment!