Toborrow review shows that Toborrow is a leading Finland-based peer-to-peer lending marketplace. Toborrow is registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and is partly owned by NFT Ventures and Marginalen AB. Four out of five new jobs in Sweden are created by small companies. But in order for companies to grow, sometimes financing is required, and for many it is a big challenge. Toborrow was the first to offer so-called peer-to-peer loans to companies in Sweden.

As an alternative to the banks, Toborrow has since 2014 offered a simple, safe and flexible loan process where everything happens completely without traditional intermediaries. Their vision is to democratize the loan market.

Key facts about Toborrow

Estimated annual returns: Up to 10,%
Launched: 2014
Autoinvest: No
Loan security: No
Provision fund: No
Buyback guarantees: No
Registered investors: 5000+ in May 2019
Minimal investment: € 10
Time to become invested: not specified
Time needed managing: Low
Regulation: Toborrow AB (556942-6736) is a registered payment service provider at Finansinspektionen
Country of operation: Sweden
Defaulted loans: N/A
Borrowers verification: By the platform
Accepted currencies: SEK
Accepts investors from: EU

Toborrow Review: Pros and Cons


– User-friendly and intuitive dashboard for investors
– Investment policy can be tailored to purchase whole loans based on pre-defined criteria or invest into fractional loans across the market
– Toborrow AB (556942-6736) is a registered payment service provider at Finansinspektionen
– 5 Years experience in lending industry


– No info about late loans and defaulted loans
– No BuyBack guarantee


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Toborrow review: What I have experienced so far

Firstly, some words about opening account at Toborrow. The registration process is simple. Took me only a few minutes to go through it. However, everything is in Swedish language. In order to lend money and participate in bidding, you must deposit money into your account with Toborrow. You can easily deposit any amount by transferring to our bank giro. The transfer usually takes 1-2 banking days.The minimum loan amount is SEK 100.

If you want to withraw money you can do that whenever you want. As long as your deposited money is not blocked in a bidding, you can withdraw it at any time via your dashboard. The money is then transferred to the bank account you used when you deposited them with Toborrow.

Secondly, lending via Toborrow is just as secure as lending money directly. Loan agreements are entered into directly between you and the borrower. The benefits are that Toborrow simplifies the administration, provides legally correct loan documents and has done background checks on all loan-seeking companies. All lenders and borrowers must also identify themselves with BankID. Toborrow is registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and complies with the same customer knowledge and money laundering rules as banks. When a loan is published on Toborrow’s website, an auction for the lenders starts. During the auction period, all their members have the opportunity to bid for particular loan. The lenders determine the amount and interest themselves. When the auction time is over and entire loan is filled, they take the lowest-interest bids out and together create a loan offer for the borrower. The interest rate investors are offered is thus the average interest rate of all the bids that have been included in the loan. The interest rate is stated as an annual interest rate. For investors there are no fees.

All in all, Toborrow already has experience in p2p lending industry in Sweden. Lending via Toborrow is made to small and medium-sized companies, which entails a risk for you as a lender. All companies that are allowed to introduce themselves on Toborrow meet their basic requirements, have been rated by UC and all persons associated with the company have undergone a credit check. Then the company is assigned a risk rating from A to C. It is always the lender himself who decides the risk and makes the decision to lend.

Toborrow review is written by Tomas Medeckis