House flipping is becoming quite glamorous in the past few years. Whole channels are dedicated to house flipping, and this real estate investment has never been so featured in the public eye. With celebrity flippers gracing magazine covers, t.v. shows, house flipping has never been so trendy.

With the rise of house flipping, many are seeing how successful real estate investing can be. This has lead to the modern-day gold rush of house flipping and real estate investing.

Many first-time real estate investors have turned to Peer-to-peer lending to start their real estate investment dreams.

What Is P2P Lending For Real estate

Peer-to-peer lending, or P2P lending, makes real estate investing more accessible than ever.
Individual investors using the P2P platform can fund loans or even fractions of loans to would be real estate investors. P2P lending is a direct lending solution for investors who are looking for alternatives to traditional loans. P2P lending is offers more options than traditional loans.
While hard money loans use the after repair value of the real estate investment, P2P Lending offers many solutions for investors with any credit rating. This can be a better solution than hard money for some investors how have higher credit ratings, and long term plans that differ from the traditional loan from a bank.
P2P lending is a great solution for investors looking to make the most of their real estate investment. From House flipping or renting, direct lending platforms make is easy to work with investors, and get competitive interest rates that can rival some credit cards.

Using P2P Lending For Real Estate Investing

P2P Lending makes it easier for borrowers and investors to invest in all types of opportunities. The goal of most P2P lending platforms is to make investments easier for everyone. Most investors are interested in passive growth of their assets, while those seeking funding can get the loans they need for their projects quickly.
These P2P loans can help house flippers or landlord looking to make quick upgrades, full scale remodels, or even acquire bridge loans for their properties. Flippers looking for fast financing with competitive rates can turn to P2P lending for their projects.
P2P lending isn’t just for residential properties either. From Multi-family rentals, to commercial properties, such as malls, office park and more, any real estate investor can turn to this platform for funding.
Properties that many real estate investors can’t normally access or fund, become more accessible with P2P lending.
These investments provide benefits to the lenders as well, as some may even budget the tax benefits that they don’t normally have access to. For many lenders, they have the perks of ownership, without the management headaches.

Find And Manage Your P2P Investments

Peer-to-peer real estate lending is asset-backed, so the ideal the ideal borrower is anyone who has real estate, or equity ownership, a good credit score, and has a plan budget and execution plan in place for the investment.

Many P2P platforms make it easy to connect borrowers and lenders directly. With Welltrado you can easily see the current trends for any time of investment, and manage all of your investments from a variety of P2P platforms from our dashboard.

With so many types of real estate investments, finding the funds you need, is a cakewalk with P2P lending.


Peer-to-peer lending offers many opportunities for real estate investors for all types of investments. From house flipping, rentals, and even commercial properties, P2P lending connects you directly to investors looking to fund, or lenders with great opportunities.

Are You Ready To Invest In Real Estate?

– P2P Lending For Real Estate: Investors looking for funding for properties can easily connect with lenders. P2P loans offer competitive rates and more options for funding than bank loans, while hard money loans are tied directly to the properties after repair value.

– Using P2P Lending For Real Estate: Flippers looking for fast financing with competitive rates can turn to P2P lending for their projects, such as small repairs, full remodels, and bridge loans.

– Find And Manage Your P2P Lending For Real Estate Investing: You can easily find and manage your next P2P investment using Welltrado, and other P2P platforms.

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