Introduction of a Robocash

Robocash is a fully automated investment platform based on a ‘peer-to-portfolio’ model and started its work in Latvia in February 2017. The platform is included into the international financial holding group founded by entrepreneur Sergey Sedov. The group has been successfully working on the market for 7 years and has 900 employees altogether. The holding consists of the affiliated credit companies in Spain, Russia and Kazakhstan that are specialized in PDL- and Installment-loans. 

General information

According to the provided information the financial holding, the P2P platform is included into, appeared in 2010 with the foundation of the ‘FinTerra’ company in Russia. Today the group comprises 5 companies, which issue microloans through the high-tech automated online service and well-developed off-line net. The group is run by an experienced team under the lead of the founder and CEO Sergey Sedov. The well-coordinated teamwork provides stable and steady growth of the group of companies and guarantees positive reputation in the business world.
SIA ROBOCASH, registered in the Latvian commercial register, is the youngest among the companies of the group but it already showed significant results, that make the platform worth considering especially when you are seeking for a place to invest with a high turnover in a short period of time. SIA ROBOCASH is also a member of the Latvian Startup Association ‘’ and the Alternative Financial Services Association of Latvia (LAFPA) and takes a direct part in the development of the international business and peer-to-peer technologies in Latvia.

Types of investments 

To start with, it should be noted that doesn’t issue loans directly and acts as an investment platform attracting investments primarily to the own group of companies, that allows providing 100% buyback guarantee to the investors. Thanks to the fact that the companies work with PayDay Loans and Installment loans the platform provides a high turnover of investments offering one of the most profitable interest rates in the market – 14% per annum on average. There are no fees and charges for using the platform. The minimal investment to be made is 10 Euro and the limit is 10.000 Euro. The platform work within the frames of the European Union, i.e. any citizen of the EU countries having an open account in banks of the EU countries can become an investor at
One of the main advantages of the platform is its fully automated processes that saves much time. There is no need to seek for loans and monitor the process. It takes you to set such parameters as a country, interest rate, min/max of investments and the robot will do everything by itself selecting the most profitable conditions for you. Furthermore, there are functions making the service very comfortable at use, thanks to the fact that you can decide whether to automatically reinvest, withdraw or keep money at balance.

Returns and safety

As it was mentioned the P2P platform provides complete buyback guarantee for all investments made. There are no loans with a due payment date later than 21 days, the average is 18 days and the buyback guarantee comes after 30 days. Thanks to the reliability check of loans conducted automatically by the high scoring system the human factor and related mistakes are excluded and it minimizes the company risks greatly.

As for the credit rating, the companies issuing loans should be taken into consideration. Thus the microloan provider ‘Zaimer’ has the ‘highest level of reliability’ rating (A.mfi) with a stable forecast assigned by the independent rating agency REAX in Russia in 2016. The ‘Zaimer’ LLP in Kazakhstan has the status ‘The Strongest’ on its market from the ‘First Credit Bureau’ according to the operational results in 2016.


There is statistics on the website of platform which shows dynamics of the financial holding. According to the data provided, in 2016 the total assets of the group of companies amounted to 13.982 million EUR with 3.389 million EUR of net profit included. By the end of 2017 there is a forecast of assets increase to 24-25 million EUR. As for the current dynamics of the platform,  more than 500 investors already joined the platform, more than 60.000 loans were purchased and more than a million investments were raised since its launch in February until June 2017.

Since its start in February, the platform has gone through lots of positive changes that made it more convenient and easier for users. is attentive to requests and wishes of investors and makes its best to provide the highest service level. Surely, is a promising P2P platform that will continue showing great results.

P2P lending

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