Robocash review shows that RoboCash is a Latvian-based peer-to-peer lending platform (P2P), represented by the group of companies that issues loans in three countries: Spain, Russia and Kazakhstan. This group is specialized in the following products: Pay day loans, Secured loans and Installment-loans.

Pay day loans holding was founded in 2010 when company “FinTerra” has been established. Today the group comprises 5 companies with more than 750 employees.  More than 2million people in Spain Russia and the clients of the creditors companies’ companies and had a net profit of €3.38 million in 2016.So far, over 3900 registered investors have benefited from RoboCash putting their trust and hard-earned money into this platform.


Key facts about Robocash

Estimated annual returns:                          14%

Launched:                                                    2017

Autoinvest:                                                    YES

Loan security:                                                Personal guarantees

Provision fund:                                              Yes

Registered investors:                                  3900 in January 2019

Buyback guarantee:                                      For all types of loans

Minimal investment:                                      €10

Time to become invested:                            Varies on loans availability

Time needed managing:                               Low

Regulation:                                                    No

Country of operation:                                    Latvia

Defaulted loans:                                            0%

Borrowers verification:                                  By the platform

Accepted currencies:                                    EUR

Accepts investors from:                                 Europe

The RoboCash Review: Pros and Cons


  • All loans secured by Buyback guarantee
  • Part of a profitable pay day loans holding
  • Strong underwriting team
  • 0% default rate and no late loans for more than 60 days
  • Auto invest tool
  • Large loan book
  • Creditor companies of the group specialise in short-term loans (PDL)
  • Competitive lender returns rates
  • Fast ID verification up to 2 working days


  • No information about loans that have been already funded
  • Confusing website for beginners


SavyMintosPaskolu KlubasBondora

Robocash Review: what I have experienced so far 

I started in Robocash in July 2017 and in the beginning, It took some time to understand how their product and platform worked. As an investor I want to find platforms that offer attractive returns. I prefer secured loans with buyback guarantee and real estate loans. Promised annual returns of 14% are sufficient to me. However, as an investor you are not allowed to invest manually at RoboCash and see the loans that are offered in the market. This option would allow to cherry pick the loans that suits my risk profile best.  I like that at RoboCash you can create several investment portfolios that will invest according to your chosen strategies: you can set interest rates, maximum portfolio value and maximum weight of a single loan in your portfolio.

Written by Tomas Medeckis