How would you describe Robo Cash platform?

Robo cash is a fully automated international investment platform. We are aimed to simplify the investment process  and make it available even to a person with a moderate income. In this respect, the robot that manages the investment portfolio and conduct all the deals, saves time of investors and becomes their advantage. Fast turnover of funds with one of the highest interest rates 14% and the total investment buyback guarantee make Robo cash one of the most attractive P2P platforms on the market.

– What are the three main advantages for investors?

  1. 100% buyback guarantee is the main profitable advantage that distinguishes Robo cash from other investment platforms. Robo cash attracts investments primarily into the own group of companies that constitute together one financial holding, so the successful and efficient operation of the entire holding becomes a guarantee of return. In 2016, the total assets of the group of companies amounted to 13.982 million EUR, 3.389 million EUR of which was the net profit. And by the end of 2017, we expect an increase of assets to 24-25 million EUR.
  2. One of the most profitable interest rates on the P2P market in the EU – 14% per annum on average. Other P2P platforms that work on the same market provide 10-14%, so we are at the highest rate.
  3. Thanks to the complete automatization of Robo cash, automatic managing of the investment portfolio saves time of our investors considerably.

Among additional benefits, there is a high turnover of investments due to only short-term PayDay Loans with a due date no longer than 30 days available and absence of any fees and charges on the platform. Our successful experience for more than 7 years on the credit market proves the efficiency of the business model we use and our focus on the highest service level. We appreciate feedback from Robocash investors, being attentive to each request and aimed to make the platform comfortable as much as possible.

– What ROI can investors expect?

14-14.9% per annum,14.5% on average with a high assets turnover. The average loan term is 18 days and there are no loans longer than 21 days. Despite any reasons for the loan overdue, the 100% buyback guarantee comes after 30 days. Therefore, an investor will get the money back with the interest not later than 51 days.

– Is the technical platform self-developed or using white-label solution?

Creation of the P2P platform became a logical step in the development of the successful business. By the launch of the platform the group of companies already included a high-tech automated service ( and an off-line FinTerra network in Russia, then a united under a single brand online and off-line service in Kazakhstan, and an online service in Spain ( By that time we have already formed our team of software developers, support services and built the work of such important business processes as scoring and collection. All available sites including Robo cash were worked out in-house without any ready solutions. Own IT team allows us to quickly develop technical solutions for specific needs and wishes of investors. 

– How reliable is the credit rating / credit history data available?

I should mention, that the Robo cash platform doesn’t issue loans directly but works as an investment platform. So speaking about a credit rating, we usually mean the rating of companies that issue loans. Thus, the microloan provider ‘Zaimer’ was highly praised by the independent rating agency REAX in Russia in 2016 and was assigned the “highest level of reliability” rating (A.mfi) with a stable forecast.

The ‘Zaimer’ LLP in Kazakhstan got the status ‘The Strongest’ on its market from the ‘First Credit Bureau’. The following criteria were taken into account: the number of employees, assets, annual turnover, and net profit after all tax deductions.
These results prove the efficient and stable work of our holding companies. Particularly, it has become possible due to the automatic reliability check that all issued loans undergo and which excludes the human factor and related mistakes, minimizing our risks.

– How is the company financed?

As I have already said, Robo cash represents a group of companies, which includes its own affiliated creditors that are a part of the holding and issue loans directly. Creditor companies are financed from their own funds without involving third-party companies or services.

– Are you open to international investors?

The P2P platform Robo cash is based on the territory of Latvia and open to any investor who is a citizen of the EU countries and has an open bank account in one of the countries of the EU. Taking into account the growing interest to our platform from potential investors from other European countries that are not part of the European Union, we are going to expand the list of countries to work with until the end of 2017.

– Is your platform regulated?

SIA ‘ROBO CASH’ is registered in the commercial register of the Republic of Latvia as the limited liability company and we work according to the current Latvian legislation.

– Where do you see your platform in 5 years?

In the first TOP-3 companies of the alternative lending market within the EU. Active improvements according to comments and wishes of our investors steadily increase the comfort and convenience of the platform. Growing interest from investors proves that we are going the right way. We will start working with the European countries that are not members of the EU till the end of 2017 and accepting dollar investments next year.

– What are your thoughts about:

* Provision funds (Mandatory or not; will it be gone in few years?)
* BuyBack guarantees (Mandatory or not; will it be gone in few years?)

With respect to Robo cash, we aren’t going to cancel complete buyback guarantee. It’s a today’s key to success in the P2P lending market, which attracts investors. At the same time, we understand investors’ concerns about the investment security. Despite the fact that Robo cash doesn’t issue loans and works as an investment platform within a financially stable group of companies, Robo cash has its own provision fund. Daily its account holds enough money to ensure payments to investors, at least for a month long.


– How do you see competition in markets you operate in:

* New competitors or consolidations
* Working locally or internationally


  1. The general trend is the enlargement of P2P-platforms and the market growth both within Europe and globally. Such enlargement is likely to occur due to new companies appearance, e.g. large banks or insurance agencies will ground affiliated P2P companies or even existing platforms will merge. This trend is caused by the need to increase the level of trust in companies and attract more effective investments. P2P is gradually turning into crowdfunding and crowdinvesting. Not only small start-ups, but large active enterprises too can act as borrowers. However, in order to attract significant investments, a P2P platform should be quite large too.

At the same time, the legislation question will rise that will postpone the appearance of newcomers and contribute to the formation of P2P-associations as an additional method of control. From the point of view of the world market, the legislative framework is diverse and it will take some years to unify it. At the moment units of any international P2P company act according to the legislation of the country they work in. As a result, it affects the profitability of investments.

  1. In that respect the European Union countries are promising: the work of local platforms is unified and cross-bordered at the same time. In some cases, investors from different countries prefer to invest in foreign companies as it appears to be more profitable. Robo cash is a good example: the most of the investors are German. It is worth saying, that the Western and Central Europe are steadily paying more attention to the Latvian platforms that feel confident and strengthen their position. Therefore, it won’t a surprise if in the mid-term period the EU countries lead the financial P2P globalization, which will result in international agreements accept and the assignment of an international status to P2P platforms. Nevertheless, there are some difficulties in transferring investments between a company units, e.g. Brexit will greatly complicate the work of British companies in the EU countries. 

– Trends of features (e.g. secondary market, automated investment, etc.) that should be very  significant 

Definitely, the market will go along the way of improvement and automation of processes, which will save time for users. In this respect, online platforms are extremely convenient, because an investor can easily invest in international companies and earn income without distraction and being in any place of the world.
I think, Robo cash will set trend in that direction on the market as it already demonstrates distinct automation of processes, which according to the feedback, our investors highly appreciated. It takes you to set the necessary parameters for the portfolio, and then the robot will search for you the most suitable loans and conduct the whole deal. Additionally, Robo cash is the first platform which has introduced automatic reinvestment that simplifies portfolio management and makes the investment process as comfortable as possible.


Robo cash