Peerberry is the ultimate alternative investment marketplace with over 10 years of experience in loans, investment and risk management sectors.

Peerberry offers high returns of 12%+ and modern easy to use cutting-edge investment tools to simplify the processes. This makes investing safe, easy and effective which is well reflected in the mission statement of their business: “to bring passive income to everyone”. Let’s take a closer look at the features and how everything works.

Where to start?

To start using the platform, you first need to fill in the registration form. Once the registration is completed, funds need to be added to the investor account and then you are ready to invest in selected loans. By using the platform it is easy to filter the loan contracts available for investment based on preferences and then track the status and profits earned. All the transactions related to the loans that you have invested in are visible on the account.

If you are unwilling to invest in loans manually, there is a solution for you provided on the platform. The feature is called the Auto Invest which is very efficient in terms of time-saving. When you use Auto Invest, the system automatically implements your chosen investment strategy based on your entered investment criteria and invests in suitable loans. If you change any Auto Invest setting, all available loan listings will be rechecked to make sure they meet your investment criteria. You can follow the portfolio activity in real time to make sure everything is working in accordance to goals and preferences and, of course, this feature can be paused or canceled at any time if you change your mind.

What about the safety of investments?

Peerberry seems like a very new platform and inexperienced with P2P lending due to its launch on the 1st of November 2017. However, this platform is an extension of Aventus Group which has years of experience in lending, half a million customers and 18 million loan portfolio. They have been profitable for the past 9 years which is a testament to the stability and reputation. Therefore, contrarily than it might look from the first sight, Peerberry already is an experienced market player.

How secure is your loan investment? In case of delayed payments, overdue loans still generate interest, the same interest rate which is shown in loan details. Interest is counted for all delayed period till the borrower makes a repayment or the loan originator executes buyback (depends on what happens first). All the loans listed on the platform come with a 100% Buyback Guarantee. Which means your investments are completely secured. If the borrower is over 60 days late with the repayment, Peerberry will buyback loans (principal amount and accrued interest for the full term).

Why Peerberry? Most value-adding features

Auto Invest option, Account Overview and Investments Tracking. All these features contribute to the convenience of investing. The platform is created in a way so that all the information related to loans and investments is one place and easily accessible.

Invest, review the loans in which you have invested and related transactions, track the status of your investment and earned profits. Peerberry is aimed at making investing in loans easy and possible for everyone.

Some details about Peerberry:

  • Country of origin: Latvia
  • Region: money transfers are accepted from individuals and companies from within the European Union.
  • Age limit: 18 years and over
  • Currency: The platform makes settlements in euros (EUR)
  • Amount of funded loans: 16.633k EUR
  • Interest paid to investors: 105.749 EUR
  • Average annual investment return: 12.83%
  • Registered investors: 1975