Kuetzal is a lending crowdfunding platform which offers secured and high-yielding investment opportunities in European businesses and start-ups, with interest rates up to 21% per annum. Different industries are featured on the platform: real estate, transport, fintech, health care, food industry and others. All the companies listed on the platform are passing due diligence by our professional team. Deep company research and analysis is done before it is listed on the platform.

Kuetzal major competitive advantage is Kuetzal Care tool.

Kuetzal Care guarantees a certain project will eventually be funded, no matter how much funds investors on Kuetzal have invested. If the project doesn’t reach the goal, Kuetzal involves it’s own funds to cover the gap between invested amount and targeted amount. Kuetzal has agreements with authoritative investment funds, banks, and private investors which are ready to get involved in Kuetzal projects at any moment. This creates additional warranty that every project will eventually be funded on targeted amount.

Investors do not have to wait before the project collects target amount to start receiving interest. Investing in project supported with Kuetzal Care allows investors to start receiving interest instantly, starting from the next day they have made the investment!


There is a project on Kuetzal that is having a goal to collect 100,000EUR. The deadline had come, but only 45,000EUR were invested. Kuetzal involves it’s own or third party funds to cover the 55,000EUR deficit and transfers 100,000EUR to the project owner.

Kuetzal Care is a win-win situation for both investors and project owners. Don’t miss a chance and jump in!