Viventor is proud to present a partnership with a new Loan Originator from Bosnia – Forza. Investors on Viventor will now be able to invest in short term consumer loans issued by an first Fintech lender from Bosnia.

Founded in 2016, Forza has focused on steady, but stable growth. Since its inception, the company has issued and serviced more than 50.000 loans. Forza provides short term consumer loans ranging from 50€ to 200 € with the term from 7 to 30 day. Up to date, Forza has disbursed more than 8 million euros to their clients.

As a part of the group company Digital Finance International, Forza provides tailored lending products via smart fintech technology to serve remote markets with mobile connectivity for fast and easy access to money.

Viventor are informing you that Forza BA loans will be placed on the Viventor through Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). SPV (UAB „MCIP“) will provide a direct loan to Forza BA and secure these loans through the pledge of their claims to end borrowers. These loans will be provided only to the extent of pledged claims to end borrowers and only after it official registration. All end claims will be held and serviced by the Forza Bosnia in the typical way, but difference is that investors would purchasing SPV loans, secured by the pledge of Forza BA claims to end borrowers. For more information, please read full information in the assignment agreement.

“Being excellent in serving urgent financial needs of our costumer while using client centric business model resulted with fast growth of our business and profit. As first Fintech microfinance in a Country with new technology and digital processes FORZA becomes #1 in the market for Fast short-term loans. Our operations are growing since Viventor start in 2016, following with growing communitiy of our satisfied clients‘’

Dragan Danojević, Country Manager.

Forza BA loans on Viventor marketplace

Forza will offer its short term consumer loans with maturities from 7 to 30 days. The company will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan and start by offering an introductory projected return of around 12%p.a.