P2P lending UK. Business is the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). Not everyone can create a successful and profitable business, however nowadays you can become part of others business without doing any activities there.

Creating greater opportunities and easy access to funds for start-ups, innovative companies and other unlisted SMEs is at the heart of policy strategies of the most economies. If these small start-ups are considered, on average about 60 percent of them survive the early 3 years of their activity. At the same time, these same start-ups contribute inexplicably for creation of jobs. Young and newly established firms account for an average of only 17 percent of employment, while creating 42 percent of new jobs. Consequently, the achievements of these firms are central for the future creation of jobs and economic growth in any economy around globe.

Newly established firms need resources and funds for succeeding, while financing is the most important aspect. During the last decade, peer-to-peer lending have developed into a novel way for entrepreneurial start-ups for securing much needed funds.

Peer-to-peer lending became innovative in terms of its ability of removing the intermediate from the process. At the same time, the world of modern alternative investments is becoming increasingly complex to navigate. Overwhelming amount of peer-to-peer lending platforms has been developed during the last decade that made it difficult for any developed economy to stay aside from these new financial products. In this regard, access to funds are not accompanied by venture capital or other traditional sources of venture investment. The personal and business loan markets have been transformed with peer-to-peer lending products so popular the Government has created a special innovative finance ISA to help consumers invest in them. Technology has powered the sharing economy, with people now able to connect and rent out everything from their driveways to their cooking. It has enabled consumers to bypass the mainstream banks in their quest for funds. Therefore, peer-to-peer lenders are expected to secure strong foothold in financial sector in the very near future.

RebuildingSociety.com, a leading business financing platform from UK

rebuildingsociety.com connects small business borrowers with many lenders efficently and quickly. We are authorised and regulated by the FCA in the UK andAfter 6 years of trading, tthey have a platform average of 8.6% net returns. That is after deducting all fees and bad debt, but many lenders achieve more than the average. it is a United Kingdom based peer-to-peer lending platform that brings ethically-minded people together for a better deal. Whereas many platforms encourage passive transactions, with limited information, we invite you to become a ‘financial activist’, because purposeful lending serves our society better.

Rebuilding Society began taking loan applications in late 2012 and funded the first deal in January 2013. In February 2017 they received FCA authorisation and in May 2017 Rebuilding Society became an ISA Manager. Today, they have an active marketplace with hundreds of businesses and more than 8530 lenders.

Businesses and investors value the advantages of peer-to-business lending, which stems from the belief that lenders have a vested interest in seeing their borrowers succeed. Rebuilding Society is also a firm believer in the founding principles of building societies and have applied some of the values to their philosophy.

Key facts about Rebuilding Society

Estimated annual returns: Up to 20%

Launched: 2012

Autoinvest: YES

Loan security: Business as a guarantee

Provision fund: NO

Registered investors: 8536 investors in February 2019

Buyback guarantee: NO

Minimal investment: £10

Time to become invested: Varies on loans availability

Time needed managing: Low

Regulation: FCA regulated

Country of operation: United Kingdom

Defaulted loans: 12.9%

Borrowers verification: By the platform

Accepted currencies: Pounds

Accepts investors from: All EU countries and UK

The Rebuilding Society Review: Pros and Cons


– All loans secured by business guarantee
– Regulated by the FCA
– Fast ID verification up to 2 working days
– High interest rates
– Low minimal investment


– Not so many investors and already funded projects
– No BuyBack guarantee