P2P lending Saudi Arabia: TOP platforms. Total transaction value in the peer to peer lending segment in Saudi Arabia amounts to US$22.3m in 2020. Total transaction value is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2023) of 2.3% resulting in the total amount of US$23.9m by 2023. The market’s largest segment is Crowdlending (Business) with a total transaction value of US$19.4m in 2020.
From a global comparison perspective it is shown that the highest cumulated transaction value is reached in China (US$265,789m in 2020).

P2P lending Saudi Arabia: TOP platforms

Beehive is Dubai-based peer to peer lending platform. Founded in 2014 by Craig Moore, Beehive’s platform connects businesses with investors to help them raise money through peer-to-peer lending. The startup that claims to be MENA’s first regulated P2P lending platform allows investors to invest as little as 1,000 dirham after they’ve registered on the platform. Beehive makes money by charging both businesses and investors 2-4% on principal amount and payments.

Raqamyah Platform
is a peer to peer lending platform for retail and institutional investors. Raamyah is authorised and regulated by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) under Regulatory Sandbox Environment.

Forus marketplace provides investors with diversified alternative options to investing with attractive APR% and stable returns all in a seamless, secure and transparent platform.

is a Shariyah compliant financialmarketplace platform where SMEs can find options for their short-term financing needs from financial institutions or individual investors, starting from ‘invoice financing’.
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