P2P Lending Poland. The peer to peer technology concept was first popularised by music file sharing networks such as Napster, eMule, and most recently torrents. What peer to peer means is that we’re removing the intermediary and regular people are sending files to other regular people. Applied to peer to peer lending, it means that we are lending money to other people who need it for something specific. There is no need for a bank to get involved because the money is flowing directly from loan providers to the people requesting the loans.

P2P Lending Poland: TOP 3 P2P Platforms

– Kokos Kokos.pl is the first p2p lending or social lending system in Poland. It opens new possibilities in e-finance industry and fills a niche between offers of banks and other financial institutions. The main advantage of Kokos.pl is being able to offer a much more beneficial interest range for both the lenders and borrowers, and a higher level of security than on other web based auction systems. The most stress has been put on the borrower verification process. Kokos.pl uses Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej (BIG) to check borrowers credit history and to assign their rating in the system.

– Beesfund platform is addressed only to investors, who possess knowledge sufficient to understand these risks and take make their own investment decisions. Bessfund is one of the first crowdfunding platforms in Poland.

is the largest crowdfunding platform in Poland, based on prizes. The portal is based on two principles: we use the opportunities offered by crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Crowdsourcing is developing your own idea using the knowledge and ideas of a wide community. Crowdfunding is a form of financing various projects in cooperation with the community.

P2P Lending Poland: TOP 3 P2P Platforms review is written by Tomas Medeckis