The website has released an article that studies what are the adjectives used to sell an apartment in Spain and the variation of the prices depending on it. The article collects properties from all over Spain and gives us an idea about how much are Spanish people willing to pay for a property depending on its characteristics.

The adjectives used are: bright, beautiful, quiet, pretty, sunny, excellent, spectacular, luxurious, of design and unsurpassable. In this study, each of these characteristics are associated with an average price of property.

The most expensive average price is the one associated with the word “Luxurious” set in 512.161€per property; The second one is “Spectacular” (483.544€) followed by “of design” (392.160€) and “Excellent” (303.401€). The adjectives related to the cheapest prices among those are: “Sunny”, being the cheapest one with an average price of 210.834€ preceded by “Bright” (232.074€).

Adjectives Price (€)
Quiet 249.083
Bright 232.074
Beautiful 291.169
Pretty 262.210
Sunny 210.834
Excellent 303.401
Spectacular 483.544
Luxurious 512.161
Of design 392.160
Unsurpassable 298.834


Those popular words help agencies like Idealista and landlords to set prices and categorize their properties.


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P2P lending

Source: Housers