P2P lending Italy. Produzioni dal Basso was the first donation and reward-based platform was launched in 2005 in Italy. It is one of the first P2P lending platforms in the world. The growth of the crowdfunding market has been slow, but nevertheless relevant. Lending-based crowdfunding is heavily regulated and platforms ought to have a licence from the Bank of Italy, which is the banking regulator. As far as the deal flow is concerned, Italy has a great potential: there are many companies developing innovation in far different industries, or offering great products. Most of them don’t find investments from professional investors and don’t succeed in getting loans from the banks system.

TOP 5 P2P Lending Platforms in Italy

– Eppela
is a donation and reward based platform. It was founded in 2011. Eppela is an Italian crowdfunding platform, a meeting point between those who have ideas to implement and those who want to support their realization. Let’s debunk a myth: crowdfunding platforms are not communities of benefactors ready to give money, but safe and reliable tools available to those who have a winning idea, to be used to aggregate or enlarge their community. Choosing Eppela means having the guarantee of a concrete and constant support, throughout the crowdfunding process undertaken, at a really low cost.

– ProduzionidalBasso.com (donation and reward) was founded in 2005. It is one of the first platforms founded in the World.. Crowdfunding on PDB is easy, transparent and disintermediated. They are a reward / donation based and generalist platform. In fact they are open to all types of projects and do not operate input filters. Anyone can register, upload their own idea and propose it online.

– DeRev.com (donation and reward) is the main Italian crowdfunding platform. Since DeRev was launched in 2013, over 20,000 users have funded the projects presented on the platform with more than 3 million euros. Even now, thousands of ideas are becoming reality thanks to the support of the community.
In 2013 the European Parliament and Microsoft included DeRev among the Digital Democracy Leaders, while in the last year 1,800 newspapers, books and websites talked about DeRev and 75 university students analyzed our experience in their degree thesis.

– Rete del Dono (2011) is a donation based platform for collecting online donations to non-profit organization in particular. It is one of the biggest P2P platforms in Italy.

P2P lending review is written by Tomas Medeckis