Huelva is one of the 52 provinces of Spain and is located on the western side of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, bordering alongside Portugal. Its beautiful Atlantic coast has been declared a Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It’s Popularly known by its diverse offer of Tourism and Gastronomy.

Also on a real-estate level, Huelva is starting to get attention and  is starting to rise following the paths of big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

Property transactions in the province of Huelva rose during 2016, 18.4% compared to 2015, and reached 4,231 operations, according to the National Institute of Statistics. This is Huelva’s highest number of property transactions in the last five years.

In 2017, during the first quarter, according to the same source, INE, the province has registered a total of 1,221 property transactions, which is 26.9% more than those registered in the same time period of 2016.

Foreign investors are also starting to show interest in this rising area. In the first quarter of 2017foreign purchases have increased by 5.2% according to data from the Ministry of Development.

San Andrés, our first project in Huelva

San Andrés is Housers’ first project located in the province of Huelva. It is a fixed rate loan opportunity that offers a 13,5% total yield in only 18 months.

With this type of opportunity, you start receiving monthly income from the moment the project is funded and with a fixed predefined yield.

Fixed rate loans for project developments

When comparing the fixed rate loans to our other type of opportunities Housers see a few main differences:

Unlike saving projects, the interest that is paid monthly is predefined and does not depend on the operational result of the project developer.

As opposed to investment projects, the interest is paid monthly and predefined meanwhile for investment projects only upon sale of the project interests are paid, and those completely depend on the success in the sale of the opportunity . So basically the only thing that really matters is whether the project developer will be able to affront the monthly interest payment. Therefore Housers do a careful selection of projects to reduce the possibility of defaults to a minimum: Housers works only with experienced and recognized developers

Housers always look for factors that minimize the risk. In San Andres being:

  • A recognized team that has completed dozens of projects successfully
  • The plot where the building will be constructed has already been acquired
  • Over half of the properties are already reserved


Review is written by Housers