P2P Lending France. France was the leader to implement a specific crowdfunding regulation. Since the 1st October 2014 two statuses were set up: IFP (Intermédiaire en Financement Participatif) for the crowdlending, and CIP (Conseiller en Investissement Participatif) for crowdinvesting (equity and bonds). Since December 2015, the local authorities can use crowdfunding to finance projects. Before, it was complicated, as they were not allowed to entrust the administration of their funds to a private structure.

P2P Lending France: TOP 9 P2P Platforms
– KissKissBankBank is a crowdfunding platform regulated by french authorities. KissKissBankBank was launched in September 2009 by Ombline the Lasseur, Adrien Aumont and Vincent Ricordeau. Their ambition is to allow you to finance your creative, associative or entrepreneurial projects by donation or pre-order. In November 2014, they have decided to put their crowdfunding experience at the service of companies with LENDOPOLIS. Finally, in April 2018, Goodeed, a platform for free donations, which allows Internet users to financially support solidarity projects by viewing an advertisement joined them.

– Ulule . Pioneer crowdfunding platform, Ulule enables creative, innovative and community-minded projects to test their idea, build a community and make it grow. Within 6 years, Ulule has become the leading European crowdfunding website, with more than 27,000 successfully funded projects, more than 2.5 million members worldwide and a record success rate close to 70 %. These figures are mainly the result of a personalized coaching brought to each and every project owner, before, during, and after his or her campaign.

– October was born in France at the end of 2014, under the name Lendix, thanks to a new regulation opening up the banking monopoly. Today we operate as a pan-European lending platform with offices in France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

– Unilend with more than 40,000 registered investor including more than 15,000 active lenders is one of the biggest P2P platforms in France.

– Lendosphere is regulated by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers and is registered as Advisor for Participatory and Intermediary Investments in Participatory Financing under the registration number 14006560 on the ORIAS register.

– Anaxago
is regulated by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers and is registered as Advisor for Participatory and Intermediary Investments in Participatory Financing under the registratiion number 13000878.

– WiSEED is the leader and the pioneer of crowdfunding in France. As a specialist in digital investment, WiSEED offers investors the opportunity to build a diversified, high-performing portfolio, invested in the real economy, and offers businesses fast, flexible and innovative financing solutions . Thanks to sophisticated expertise and strong collection capacity, WiSEED finances meaningful and value-creating projects in the environment , real estate , renewable energy , digital , health , food , secondary and tertiary . Since its creation in 2008, WiSEED has raised more than € 150 million for more than 370 projects from more than 120,000 private investors, and has repaid 115 projects worth € 52.9 million.

– Prêt d’Union is a secure internet platform, based on the “marketplace” model. This model allows them to cover the personnel costs and the processing costs of your file.

P2P Lending France review is written by Tomas Medeckis