P2P lending Colombia: TOP 2 platforms. One of the major advantages of P2P lending is the easier loan approval process than that of a traditional bank. Most of the time, you’ll have access to an extensive network of loan providers to work with. Despite the fact that some of them might be suspicious of working with individuals who have awful credit, there will always be many willing to make trusted deals. This is a huge benefit for people looking for the money.

P2P lending Colombia: TOP 2 platforms

Mesfix is a crowdfactoring, tech platform that connects companies with receivables and in need of a better cashflow, with a community of people interested in investing in these receivables.
To improve their cashflow in the short term, companies upload their receivables to Nesfix platform and auction them. Their community of investors bids for a part or the whole value of the receivable, and the lowest APR wins the auction. This develops a win-win relationship between the company selling the receivable and the investors: the former gets cash for their receivables, and the latter a return on their investment.

Aktiva is SME financing compnay. Aktiva supports the growth of young companies with high potential, which transform industries, generate jobs and have a positive impact on their environment. Aktiva supports young companies formally constituted and with minimum commercial traction of 12 months and that present sales exceeding 300 million pesos annually.

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