A new loan type at Vianvest marketplace. As the end of the year is approaching unbelievably quickly, Viainvest are thrilled to announce that our parent company VIA SMS Group has just launched a new business direction, and is now offering business loans intending to finance various business ventures. That’s not all – from now on business loans issued by the Group will be available for investments on VIAINVEST.

At this point VIA SMS Group has joined a massive student hall development project in Barcelona, Spain carried out by the investment partner and real estate developer R.evolution. Initially, depending on project development progress, VIA SMS Group intends to issue a business loan amounting to 1 million EUR. The total amount of this loan will be divided into several payments over a 2 year period and will be listed on VIAINVEST for investments starting from December 3, 2019. The initial term of the issued business loan will be 2 years, it will be secured with collateral and listed on the platform with an expected annual interest rate set to 12% (guaranteed 8% annually), thus there will be no Buyback Guarantee for this particular loan.

The interest rate will be calculated using the two-component compensation model: initial interest rate set to 8% plus bonus at the end of the agreement if sales revenue exceeds the set threshold. For more information on this loan type please visit the business loan profile. Viainvest have modified the loan profile for the business loan type to provide as much information as needed to ensure maximum transparency on the project.

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