Lendermarket review shows that Lendermarket connects investors – private persons and institutions – to loans issued by digital consumer finance companies from various European countries in one online P2P investment marketplace.
It all started out with an idea that investing should be easier and more rewarding for the investor, regardless of their location or the volume of available capital. With the near-endless possibilities the digital world has to offer, the team behind Lendermarket pooled their know-how, skills and energy to bring to life the idea that is simple borderless P2P marketplace. Lendermarket was born!

Lendermarket is not another intermediary for asset management, but an investment platform combining trustworthy borrowers from the European new age digital banking industry with investors who can benefit from this innovative financing opportunity. We offer fair returns and an investment environment where risks are controlled. Without any unnecessary fees, of course.

In a word, Lendermarket is a contemporary P2P marketplace for investing in consumer loans while making sure investors’ money is put to work with their best interests in mind.

Key facts about Lendermarket

Estimated annual returns: 12%
Launched: 2019 june
Autoinvest: Yes
Secondary market: No
Provision fund: No
Buyback guarantees: Yes
Registered investors: 500+ in November 2019
Minimal investment: €10
Time to become invested: instantly
Time needed managing: Low
Regulation: Operates under laws of Ireland
Country of operation: Ireland
Defaulted loans: 0%
Borrowers verification: By the a loan originator Credistar Group AS
Accepted currencies: Euro
Accepts investors from: EU

Lendermarket Review: Pros and Cons


– User-friendly and intuitive dashboard for investors
– Investment policy can be tailored to purchase whole loans based on pre-defined criteria or invest into fractional loans across the market
– Fast ID verification and time to become money invested (in my example 15 minutes)
– Attractive returns
– BuyBack guarantee


– Young platform. Need to see how it will be developed during the next years.


Mintos, Twino, Savy, Neofinance, RoboCash, Viainvest, Ekassa, Viventor

Lendermarket review: What I have experienced so far

Firstly, some words about opening account at Lendermarket. For me it was easy process, all I needed was to fill personal data, upload ID with selfie and wait for confirmation.It took only 15 minutes to get veriffied. Add funds to Lendermarket account also is easy as well. However, you can only use bank tranfer to deposit funds to your account.

Secondly, some facts about my investment experience at Lendermarket. Lendermarket provides opportunity to invest in short term loans up to 90 days. Returns for the loans presented at Lendermarket looks attractivee. You can earn up to 12% annual returns. Projects are not instantly financed, so you have time to pick the ones you like. There is auto invest tool as well. There is BuyBack guarantee that is attractive for P2P investors, however most important is if the loans are repaid on time. Creditstar (loan originator) will buy back the loans that are more than 60 days overdue from their original due date at the nominal value of outstanding principal, plus accrued interest income and late payment fees. The repayment depends on the term of the loan. If the term is 30 days or less, there will be 1 single payment at the end of the term. If there are two installments (60 days) or 3 installments (90 days), then the investor will receive 2 or 3 payments respectively.This is beneficial for investors that value more liquidity.

All in all, Lendermarket is a young P2P platform from Ireland. It offers good returns (up to 12% per year) with BuyBack guarantee. I like the website as it is user friendly. Let’s see how it will evolve in the future.