Kuflink review shows that Kuflink is an online P2P lending platform where you can invest in short-term loans secured against UK property, and earn up to 7.2% interest pa gross*. Kuflink is proud to be at the forefront of many amazing initiatives that aim to raise funds for people in our local community. The Binning and Chattha family, who are founders of Kuflink, set up The Kuflink Foundation, formerly, The Alpha Foundation, in 2008 which provides support to communities in Kent and Gravesham.

The charity has worked closely with Kent County Council and Gravesham Borough Council since 2001 to establish The Grand, located in the heart of Gravesend, which provides fantastic opportunities and amenities including a café, networking events, exercise classes, stop smoking support, an allotment to harvest fruit and vegetables.

The Kuflink Foundation has also worked with The Princes Trust to deliver education, sport and health initiatives through their Achieve Programme. To find out more about the amazing work they do visit The Kuflink Foundation website www.kuflinkfoundation.org.uk.
Kuflink Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (Registration Number 724890).

Key facts about Kuflink

Estimated annual returns: Up to 7.2%
Launched: 2011
Autoinvest: Yes
Loan security: Real estate as collateral
Provision fund: No
Buyback guarantees: No
Registered investors: 5000+ in January 2019
Minimal investment: £100
Time to become invested: not specified
Time needed managing: Low
Regulation: Supervised by the FCA
Country of operation: UK
Defaulted loans: 0%
Borrowers verification: By the platform
Accepted currencies: Pounds
Accepts investors from: UK

Kuflink Review: Pros and Cons


– User-friendly and intuitive dashboard for investors
– Investment policy can be tailored to purchase whole loans based on pre-defined criteria or invest into fractional loans across the market
– Regulated by the FCA
– 0 lost investments
– Fast ID verification


– No Buyback guarantee
– Accepts only investors with UK bank account


Mintos, Zopa, RebuildingSociety

Kuflink review: What I have experienced so far

Firstly, some words about opening account at Kuflink. For me it was easy process. However, Kuflink accepts only investors with UK bank account.

I’ve used many P2P platforms over the years and have continued to rapidly increase my investments in those that perform year on year. I’m only a few weeks in and it’s the tangible ROI in 12 months that will dictate if that rating improves or not. Simple set up is to be commended. Bi-directional communication has been prompt and accurate to date. A customer interface via an app that allows for finger print access would get you aligned with competitors.

All in all, Kuflink has a lot experience in p2p lending industry. They issued more than €50 million in loans, has a big amount of investors and offers to them attracting returns. Moreover, the platform has user-friendly and intuitive dashboard and nice portfolio management tool. Kuflink is supervised by the FCA (and that is a big advantage compared to other unregulated P2P platforms in Europe).

Kuflink review is written by Tomas Medeckis