Iuvo – group has listed the Romanian credit company Fast Finance to their portfolio. Fast Finance is a Non-Banking Financial Institution that is operating under the supervision of the National Bank of Romania.
The NBFI are an integral part of the Romanian market and this is obviously organically connected to the Romanian economy, which continues to grow dynamically in recent years. The company is established in 2013 and until December 2017 has over EUR 10,000,000 cumulated values of 3 years of granted loans. Today Fast Finance sell consumer credits, business loans and mortgage. Investments are open in euro, repayment period is 6-36 months and all the credits will be secured by 60 days Buy-back guarantee. Expectations are that their investors will have an average interest rate of 8% and up to 15% on a credit. Like always, the originator will hold minimum 30% of each loan.