Interview with Iuvo Group. Aleksandra Georgieva is a manager of “Partnerships” (Loan Originators Partnerships Manager) at iuvo and is a key member of the team. Before uploading to the platform, our originators go through a long process of proper auditing and analysis – Due Diligence, which we have told you about here . And it underlies this process. By nature, she is a person who likes to challenge himself and leave his comfort zone. We will add that it can not be otherwise, because to sustain the dynamics of daily life of Aleksandra, you must be adaptable, like challenges and curiosity to have the news. See the narration in the first person about Aleks.

1. What is your professional experience?
My whole professional background is in the banking sphere. I worked for a leading banking group in Bulgaria, starting from the base level, through the sales department and managing customer relationships, to risk management.

2. How did you start working at iuvo?
I’ve come to iuvo at a turning point in my life – the moment of seeking and rediscovering myself and my vocation … I believe the direction is right, and I’m extremely happy with my choice.

3. What do you do when you are not at work?
I love the mountains and nature! There I feel special, I read, do sports, I like to dance, I like martial arts, I think they build a strong will and spirit. I am also very passionate about motorcycling, the feeling can not be compared to anything else …

4. Do you have a special talent?
Special, no, I do not think so! But maybe many not as special as anyone 😊I believe that each one is unique in its uniqueness.

5. Do you invest in something?
The most important investment is within ourselves, in constant expansion of our world view and our horizons. When talking about financial investment, iuvo is the right choice😊

6. What is the best advice you can give to new users in iuvo?
To clarify and diversify the risk depending on their capabilities, to follow their intuition and not to be afraid to explore new possibilities and financial horizons.

7. May we end with an existential question. What came first – the hen or the egg – and why?
The egg, the hen can appear from everywhere😊