iintoo is a global investment platform specializing in exit-oriented real estate investments.

iintoo was designed to remove barriers to entry for investors interested in exploring alternative assets as a means of portfolio diversification, but don’t have the personal bandwidth or industry expertise necessary to pick and manage promising deals. As a result, every investment iintoo offers on its online platform undergoes a rigorous pre-vetting process to weed out less opportune deals. Fewer than 10% of the projects iintoo screens make it through this process, but while iintoo offers fewer deals than some of its competitors, so far its highly selective strategy has returned a 16.63% average annual yield for U.S. investors, with $41 million in total distributions paid out to investors to date. And unlike the crowdfunding competition, iintoo works directly with project developers to create pre-approved business plans and puts its money where its mouth is by underwriting every deal it offers to members on a firm commitment basis.

At its core, iintoo’s investment portfolio consists of commercial-grade, income-generating properties (value-add capital improvement projects for multi-family units and student housing) with the majority of projects exiting within 36 months. And with iintoo aiming to deliver meaningful returns within a tight timeline, investors can either roll any potential returns into another deal or spend their earnings elsewhere, allowing them to maintain a quality degree of financial flexibility.

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