How would you describe Flender platform?

Flender’s peer-to-peer offering has a unique proposition that allows businesses to access finance through institutional funds and the crowd while also building customer advocacy from their own customers.
Borrowers create a campaign on the Flender platform and we help them to raise funds quickly from our pool of institutional and retail lenders.
Traditional credit assessment procedures are applied in order to maintain low defaults. As a result of the processes in place, Flender’s expected loss rates are amongst the lowest in the industry (currently standing at 0.15% across our live loan book).
Flender has attracted a wide range of sophisticated retail lenders, and management has completed a partnership agreement with one institutional investor to date in order to scale growth of the platform.

What are the three main advantages for investors?

We dont charge fees from investors
Returns are very attractive and over 10% pa
Defaults are very low 0.2%

What ROI can investors expect?

Our average rate of retun is 10.5%

Is the technical platform self-developed or using white label solution?
Flender platform is self developed

How reliable is the credit rating/credit history data available?

One of our USP‘s is strenght of our credit policy and credit team. Backrounds of credit team are available on our team page and live stats of loan book on our home page.

How is the company financed?
Through equity investment

Are you open to international investors?
Yes, our lenders are mainly from Ireland, UK and Germany but also form 53 other countries.

Is your platform regulated?
Flander has FCA credit licence nr 667363

Where do you see your platform in 5 years?

We will expand to Nortnern Ireland and the UK as next steps and to rest of Europe in the future.

How do you see the competition in the markets you operate?

Our main competiton are banks. This market has suffered from a large funding gap as the incumbent banks have retrenched. Given the proven Flender proposition and the current competitive landscape, the company is in a good position to capture a significant portion of this market.