The FinWhaleX platform is a peer-to-peer lending platform with access to granting or receiving a loan for all comers. FinWhaleX give an opportunity to those who are looking for funds to take them without lengthy processing at an acceptable percentage.

The P2P model involves a direct agreement between the investor and the borrower. But FinWhaleX team monitors the progress of cooperation, helping and supporting both sides at all stages. The arrangements are backed up by Smart contract and other innovative tools. Only highly liquid cryptocurrencies and digital assets are used as collateral. FinWhaleX carry out an assessment, giving up to 100% of the real value. The site provides the investor with a guarantee that in case of non-payment of loans to obligations, FinWhaleX themselves will sell the deposit, returning the full amount with the agreed interest.

The pledge is cryptocurrency or other digital, fiat assets. Lenders receive passive income opportunity with a guarantee of return of funds from the platform.

The process undertaken by the platform FinWhaleX begins with the sending by the system FWX Scoring technology depersonalized data of the credit application.
Then follow:

– The procedure for checking the application, which includes checking the validity of documents and the legal status of the applicant;
– Scoring based on social demographic characteristics;
– Analysis of credit history data, checking your own black and white lists;
– Checking the borrower’s profile on the basis of predefined stop factors laid down by the client’s credit strategy;
– Issue of recommendations on the terms of the transaction: amount, interest rate, period;
– Provision of the final credit rating of the application.
– Unlike the same banks, FinWhaleX try to enrich FinWhaleX’s scoring models with data and use as many sources as possible to make positive decisions on credit applications. That is, FinWhaleX use not only the official documents of the potential borrower (passport, etc.), but also, for example, analyze social networks, behavioral factors, etc. At the same time, FinWhaleX continue to improve FinWhaleX’s verification process.
– For the convenience of lenders — on FinWhaleX platform, the profile of the participant is assigned a scoring point and risk assessment, which takes into account both the creditworthiness of the pledged security and the borrower’s credit history.
– FinWhaleX platform brings together an ecosystem between all parties to the loan transaction process.

That is, thanks to smart contracts and FWX Scoring Technology, only agreed terms between borrowers and lenders are concluded, which are clearly prescribed in the smart contract and are executed automatically. This process, in turn, is also a guarantee of transparency of all transactions.
Summarizing all the above, FinWhaleX note the most important thing: FinWhaleX’s mutual credit and information network manages huge data on lenders and borrowers from around the world, which means that lenders and borrowers will always be able to find suitable conditions for them to obtain and issue a loan.