EVOEstate Overview

EVOEstate is a young platform launched in February 2019 by experience P2P property investors. Based in Estonia, the P2P platform offers deals from many countries, not limiting itself only to the Baltic region. Correspondingly, they have multiple types of deals: development loans, buy-to-let, buy-to-flip, equity projects. EVOEstate offers an easy-to-use investor experience while doing extensive due diligence on the deals that they source. EVOEstate’s business model could be compared to a fund’s and it’s something we haven’t seen yet in P2P Industry in Europe.

So how does it work?

EVOEstate itself does not give out any loans to the developers directly, they partner up with other P2P lenders across Europe and source their deals. While personally, at first, I was sceptical about this model, while thinking why would this be relevant, after using it and talking to the founding team and seeing their personal expertise in the P2P property field I can see their solving many unseen problems and creating value to the investors.

Why choose EVOEstate?

While there are so many P2P platforms being opened each year it begins even hard to track them. It helps solve this problem, while they are at the pulse of keeping track of every property platform there is. They have been investing in P2P property deals since their launch in continental Europe, also they have an impressive network of people who help them evaluate the risks of projects in each country, this means that even if they’ve partnered up with other platforms, they aren’t publishing all the deals- only the ones that they see fit. This leads me to another very interesting part of their business is that they invest in every deal they provide, in other words- they have skin in the game, which none of the platforms in Europe is. Lastly, they also provide exclusive deals that are only accessible to institutional investors, which offer higher returns.


– Great customer support
– High diversification opportunities- multiple countries
– Extra due diligence
– Combines small platforms- there are some platforms that would not be worthwhile to register for only a few investment opportunities during the year, EVO includes their deals and you can invest in them through them.
– Legal structure- they enable you to invest in any country without legal restrictions. For example, to invest in Spain you have to be its resident.
– Skin in the game- I like that they do this and it means that they are working hard to source the right deals to not put their money on the line.


Young platform with a short track record
No auto-invest yet. However, the team told that it’s doing private testings and will be ready to launch at the end of May.
Some of their deals do not have a collateral agent involved.

EVOEstate summary

While there a many property platforms, I personally really like their fund-like structure, which feels like investing with insiders. All in all, EVOEstate is a great platform to diversify your portfolio to multiple geographies and different types of deals, which helps to reduce the risk significantly. Click here to open your account today and receive 0.5% cash-back for the investments made in the first 6 months!