Started as a private investment fund in 2014, Envestio is now one of the leading companies in the industry of “New Finance” or “Finance 2.0”, which offers investors from different countries premium investment opportunities through online crowdinvesting marketplace. At Envestio they offer to the public investors only those investment projects, which successfully passed a thorough and unbiased due diligence process, conducted by their professional team.

Becoming a successful investor with Envestio is easy, secure, and quick. Register on Envestio website and choose one or several premium investment opportunities online using all necessary information attached to every project. Background information, situational analysis, development prospects, market overview, repayment schedules as well as other data available – Envestio makes it easy and comfortable to start investing in high-tech, energy, real estate or other projects.

During many decades making investments was a prerogative of very limited number of people of specific occupations. However, everything changed with start of the Age of Information and development of online crowdinvesting marketplaces such as Envestio. Nowadays you don’t need to be a high-worth individual or finance professional to become a co-investor in a major project in your country or abroad. Online marketplace gives you secure, easy and instant access to investment opportunities from your home, office, or any other location. Complete and diversify your own investment portfolio, starting with EUR 100 minimum investment in a single project.

Crowdinvesting is a growing power on financial markets with thousands of great projects finding necessary financing for successful development through online marketplaces such as Envestio.

At Envestio they welcome also young and ambitious entrepreneurs as well as already established businesses who are looking for the new sources of medium-term financing for their ventures or require short-term bridge-financing. For them Envestio can act as a professional funding partner, more flexible but at the same time as reliable as traditional financial institutions such as commercial banks. Just send an application to Envestio, and if your project meets necessary requirements, it will be presented to the investors for quick and effective fundraising campaign.

Why Should I Invest at Envestio?

All funds that you have on your bank account are affected by inflation. It’s an obvious fact, which means that the real value of your money is constantly decreasing. People, who are not investing their money are actually losing it year by year.
You don’t want your savings to lose any value, that’s another obvious fact. In order to avoid it you need to find a way of investing your money and yield a return, which is higher than the inflation rate. Traditional bank deposits don’t seem to serve this purpose anymore, as in many countries those are yielding yearly interest from 0% to 0,5%.
The only solution to protect your savings from being devalued by the inflation is investing part of it in assets that yield significantly higher return. Experts recommend that people invest at least 10% of their capital in such type of assets. Envestio is offering a selection of high rentable premium opportunities that can protect your savings from inflation and earn some additional income.

Is Crowdinvesting a New Type of Investment?

Investments done through crowdfunding platforms can be very rewarding. Initially, such investments were possible only for professional investment companies and individuals called business angels, who could invest significant amounts in start-ups or other ventures with high potential, which brought them great returns. Indeed, it required big capital under control and high level of business networking and financial proficiency.

With start of crowdfunding platforms such as Envestio, investments in such rewarding projects became available to wide public, as investing through Envestio is eliminating need for both big capital and exclusive access to high-yielding investment projects.

Should I Really Invest Solely Through Envestio?

No. Investments through crowdfunding platforms remain risky ones, so you should not invest your entire savings in high-earning projects. Nonetheless, experts recommend that in order to protect your savings from inflation, some portion of them, e.g. 10% should be invested in projects with high return, while remaining 90% could be invested in conservative investment instruments, which bring low, but guaranteed returns, such as AAA level bonds.

Is It Worthwhile to Invest Small Amounts?

You do not need much capital to invest successfully, you can also create your own diversified investment portfolio at Envestio step by step. Indeed, you can start with small investments from 1 EUR in single project and expand your portfolio over time, you can reinvest profits from successful investments in new projects, etc. As a result, your portfolio will become broadly diversified over time.

You Would Like to Invest but Do Not Know How?

Investing at Envestio is straightforward: You choose one of the premium investment opportunities in which you want to invest and decide how much money to invest. The entire investment process takes place online and requires just a few minutes of your time. In return for your investment, you will receive fixed interest payments according to established schedule. The minimum investment is just 1 EUR.

Envestio has already pre-analysed all investment opportunities offered on the platform. In fact, only very small % of companies applying for a financing round on Envestio are accepted and presented further to Envestio participants.

Support Entrepreneurship

Investments done through Envestio are not just interesting and high-profitable; those are also a way of supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. Many company founders, discoverers, and visionaries often had troubles to find people among traditional investors, who shared their vision and recognized opportunities and potential of their business ideas.

Investors at Envestio are different from that. They share the ideas and see in reality that small things can eventually morph in something big and successful. Envestio participants help new ideas and economic progress, they support innovation and creation of jobs, making a positive contribution to society while earning high profits. It is the best example of win-win situation.