Grupeer is an electronic trading platform that connects investors and loaners by providing an opportunity to invest free funds in secured loans. It is not just the bridge between the borrowers and investors, Grupeer positions itself as a transparent environment in which the investors can feel safe and receive fast and clear high profits.

Grupeer offers annual returns equal to 14,27% which is higher than 42% of the P2P platforms.

You take your own decision in accordance with investment type and its amount, Grupeer takes responsibility for supporting you in investment realization and control of all the payments!

Start investing at Grupeer and earn up to 15% annual returns

Let’s look at how it works.

How it works

Grupeer offers to make investments in loans that were already issued. To start making deals on the platform, you need to pass registration on the home page, get access to your posting account (login and password) and credit funds to platform’s bank account. Each investor has full control of how much he/she wants to invest, to whom to invest and which loan to invest in. After selection and purchase of the investment, the profit is received. Grupeer guarantees full investor support. The figure below illustrates the process:

Security. Grupeer cares about the interests of the investors 

Besides high returns, Grupeer’s central focus point is investor’s security. All loans offered on the platform are issued by professionals of the credit market and secured by Buy Back. The Grupeer experts make an additional careful selection and evaluation of credit companies they cooperate with and assess every agreement that they offer to invest in. On top of that, each loan is protected by a buyback guarantee in case the borrower delays the payment for 60 or more days. In such case, the credit company that issued this loan is obliged to immediately buy back the investor’s share in the loan.

Personal data of the investor are protected in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Latvia which is the country of origin of the Grupeer.

Types of loans and payment

Two types of loans are offered on the platform: loans issued by credit institutions to individuals, and loans issued to enterprises. In all cases, the credit company remains the holder of the main debt claim, thus it is interested in following the payment schedule and repaying the loan by the borrower.

For each loan offered by Grupeer, specific information is provided, including the purpose and amount of the loan, maturity date, type of payment schedule and availability of collateral.

Investors are able to choose between different types of payment. In practice, there are two main types that are used the most often:

  • A monthly payment of interest on the loan and repayment of principal on maturity day (typical case);
  • Annuity schedule, when equal monthly installments include repayment of a part of principal and interest on the outstanding principal (usually applied to individual borrowers).

Why Grupeer? Most value-adding features

High returns (higher than 42% of the competitors), high security with buyback guarantee on all loans (better than 87% of P2P lending platforms) and immediate cashback. Some loans are marked with a little blue circle which indicates a cashback opportunity. This is the part of Grupeer’s bonus program. In case of cashback, a specified percentage of the investment is paid back directly to the account and is available for re-investment or withdrawal.

Are there any drawbacks?

Although Grupeer is proud for having no defaulted loans, there is not much of the historical data to properly evaluate the performance of the platform due to its recent launch in 2017. In addition, there is no secondary market which might be needful for anyone looking to liquidate their assets quickly.

Some details about Grupeer:

  • Country of origin: Latvia
  • Region: money transfers are accepted from the residents of the countries of the European Economic Area or Switzerland
  • Age limit: 18 years and over
  • Currency: The platform makes settlements in euros (EUR)
  • Minimal investment: 10 EUR
  • Average invested amount: 188,78 EUR (larger than 36% of platforms)
  • Registered investors: 4963

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