Crowdestate’s summary of 2019. Crowdestate will soon be celebrating the sixth birthday of the Crowdestate platform! In this period, the 42 021 investors who have registered on the platform have funded a total of 206 investment opportunities. 83 797 051 euros of capital has been raised and, as at the end of 2019, the average annual return rate for the investors is 17.35% IRR.

Summary of the quarters of the ending year:

Q1 – within the first three months, 21 new investment opportunities were added to the Crowdestate crowdfunding platform. There were 18 successful exits from projects, which involved payments to the investors in the total amount of €6,344,889.3.

Q2 – 24 new investment opportunities were added to the platform and there were 12 successful exits. Investors received payments from 49 different investment opportunities in the total amount of €5,466,666.12.

Q3 – 25 new investment opportunities were added. There were 12 successful exits from the investments made and the investors received payments from 54 different investment opportunities in the amount of €1,799,699.23.

Q4 (as of 27 December) – 20 new investment opportunities were added to the platform, there were 18 successful exits from projects and investors received payments from 57 different projects in the total amount of € 1 991 479.41.

Updates of the Crowdestate crowdfunding platform

The platform underwent several updates in the course of the year, which were aimed at making the investment experience as convenient as possible for the investors!

Overdue payments – Crowdestate added a function to the platform which displays payments 1–90 days overdue in yellow and 90+ days overdue in red.

A new graph in the portfolio – the graph provides an in-depth overview of your portfolio – it includes net investments, revenue, principal amount, interest, shareholding, estimated income, and estimated principal amount and interest.
Changes in the design of the website – Crowdestate used new visuals and options to make the Crowdestate platform stylish and user-friendly. For example, everyone can now sort investment opportunities under the overview of projects as well as on the secondary market. Crowdestate created a new ‘About Us’ page to introduce ourselves, which includes the timeline of Crowdestate from founding to this date, among other things.

Crowdestate website also includes the new page of certificates of good practice and the investor card and complete downloadable loan book can be found on the statistics page.
A new report – in addition to the interest and balance report, it is now also possible to download an income report. The income report provides a better overview of the revenue earned, including interests, late payment interests, secondary market capital gain, expenditure, total (net) income, and payments to and from the investment account.

Provisional estimated profitability – as of September 2019, Crowdestate have been selectively establishing temporary transaction limits on investment opportunities, the current statuses of which significantly differ from the business plans initially disclosed by the Sponsors if there is a reason to believe that the repayment schedule initially provided by the Sponsor is not realistic.

Investors and investment opportunities

2019 has been a successful year from the perspective of new investors as well as projects. The community of Crowdestate investors has gained more than 16,000 new investors in the course of the year, resulting
in 42 021 investors in total!

In addition to increasing the number of investors, Crowdestate have also expanded the market in which Crowdestate are actively operating. Last year, Crowdestate expanded to Georgia (click here to read more about the market in Georgia) and Romania.

Over 200 projects were funded by Crowdestate this year and 90 new investment opportunities were added to the platform from Estonia, Latvia, Italy, and Romania.

Problematic investment opportunities:

As always, nothing is perfect, thus, increasing volumes have been accompanied by increased numbers of overdue payments, as well as projects with provisional profitability and projects involved in debt proceedings:

Kevade 9, 10137 Tallinn
Lepa tee 1, 74201 Loo
Metsa tee 31/33/35, Iru 74206, Eesti
Q-haus Baltic OÜ
H.M. Seafood OÜ
Baltic Forest OÜ

Crowdestate’s entire team is paying special attention to the problematic projects and Crowdestate is working together to find the best solutions to the problems.