Cashare review shows that Cashare is the first Swtizerland-based peer-to-peer lending marketplace, focused on the consumer loans. Company was founded in January of 2008 and over 31300 investors have already financed more than 2160 loan projects.

The start of Cashare’s platform is acknowledged by the financial newspaper “Finanz und Wirtschaft” as a starting point of the customer oriented digitization in the Swiss financial industry. Cashare offers a next level platform for peer-to-peer loans eliminating detours via a bank and offering attractive options for borrowers and investors. Always in focus: The safe, fast, efficient and easy financing for private individuals or SMEs.

As a Crowd Lending pioneer, Cashare has the largest crowdlending “crowd” in Switzerland, has funded the largest number of P2P loans to date and is growing strongly. Cashare is a public limited company under Swiss law. Registered office in Hünenberg (ZG) and registered in the commercial register of the Canton of Zug, Switzerland). It is audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zürich, since inception and Approved financial intermediary pursuant to Art. 2, para. 3 of the Swiss Money Laundering Act and member of PolyReg General Self-Regulatory Organisation (supervised by FINMA).

Key facts about Cashare

Estimated annual returns: Up to 10%
Launched: 2008
Autoinvest: Yes
Loan security: No
Provision fund: No
Buyback guarantees: No
Registered investors: 31300 in May 2019
Minimal investment: € 10
Time to become invested: depends on loans availability
Time needed managing: Low
Regulation: Operates under the law of Switzerland
Country of operation: Switzerland
Defaulted loans: N/A
Borrowers verification: By the platform
Accepted currencies: CHF
Accepts investors from: Worldwide

Cashare Review: Pros and Cons


– Investment policy can be tailored to purchase whole loans based on pre-defined criteria or invest into fractional loans across the market
– International business architecture
– Fast ID verification and time to become money invested (in my example one day)
– Long track record


– No Buyback guarantee
– Low interest rates


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Cashare review: What I have experienced so far

Firstly, some words about opening account at Cashare. For me it was easy process, all I needed was to click sign up and fill personal data. And that’s it. Later you have to upload your ID card copy to Cashare dashboard and wait for confirmation. In order to deposit funds you must verify the idendity first and pass the KYC.

Secondly, some facts about my experience at Cashare. Investment dashboard where you manage all your investments looks simple. Old fashioned but simple. I could understand where to upload documents and how to follow the loan offers after 5 minutes from the first log in. As an investor you can invest in business loans that allow to earn from 3% to 10% annual returns. You can also set up auto invest (it’s a beta version) and leave everything for AI. However, they have problems with language on the platform. All the time I have received newsletter in Swiss language.

All in all, BCashare has a lot experience in p2p lending industry. They already helped to finance more than 2160 business projects by more 31300 investors.Returns are not very high compared to other P2P platforms, but Cashare has a lot of experience in P2P industry as the platform has been established 11 years ago. Moreover, the platform has and intuitive dashboard and auto invest tool. On the other hand, Cashare does not offer buyback guarantees.

Cashare review is written by Tomas Medeckis