On fall 2018, Bulkestate entered an auction by University of Latvia to purchase a property on Nometņu street 18, Rīga. Bulkestate, being interested in the beautiful Art Nouveau building, decided to test a pilot project, combining group buying and crowdfunding models. Thanks to all the investors, this has been a very successful deal for all of us.
Become P2P investor at Bulkestate
Bulkestate acquired the building in September by attracting 800 000 EUR as crowdfunding from our investors and till today we have repaid a total of 843 757 €. Annual return for this investment has been 17% – one of the highest return rates than on most platforms on the market. Those of you who chose to invest over 10 000€ and 25 000€, also received additional bonus via cashback incentive program, which rounds up to 21,8% annual return.

Bulkestate has set plans for new projects in the next year and are very much looking forward to having you as their investor again.