Over the recent months, you may have heard about Bondora’s latest investment solution called ‘Go & Grow’. In fact, you may already be in the lucky segment of investors who gained early access to Go & Grow. There’s been a huge amount of excitement around this product within the P2P community, at events we have attended and in the social media stratosphere.

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As it stands, approximately 1,000 investors have deposited an average of €1,000 each into their Go & Grow account.

Get 5 eur for the first investment here

If you haven’t heard anything about it, here are some of the best advantages:

  • 6.75%* p.a., via a completely automated service
  • Instant liquidity, meaning you can access your cash at any time
  • Low risk, thanks to a diversified portfolio of investments supported by advanced and reliable technology
  • Tax-efficient, as you only pay tax when you make a withdrawal over your invested capital amount.

The best part? You do not need any prior experience in investing or P2P to use Go & Grow, so whether you’re a retiree living in the Estonian countryside or an 18-year-old student in Berlin who’s new to the world of investing, Go & Grow is for you.

What’s more, you can invite someone you trust to join your Go & Grow account with you so you can invest for a shared goal, like a trip around the world, a wedding or even your child’s future.

Go & Grow is here

Pärtel Tomberg, Bondora CEO & Founder, had this to say about the release:

“Up to now, peer-to-peer loans have been reserved for seasoned investors who wanted to invest strategically and who were willing to spend considerable time and effort managing their portfolio. With ‘Go & Grow’, we open the P2P loan market to all private investors for the first time.

Savings accounts and other traditional investment methods with low risk and a predictable return are no longer an attractive option for investors due to the current low interest climate. New concepts are needed which offer an alternative to exactly this group of investors. ‘Go & Grow’ meets their needs and demonstrates the wide variety of possibilities peer-to-peer loans offer to private investors.

The demand for this product has already exceeded our expectations and we’re incredibly excited to see it grow over the coming months. ”

Get 5 eur for the first investment here